September 6, 2011

06 Sep

I’ve been really thinking a lot about whether this should be a blog or a wiki.  With the blog, I can provide a daily account for all the different activities that I participate in and also provide what I hope will be a lot of useful ideas and tools to use in the classroom.  The trouble is, how do I as a teacher, find the information that I after?  With a wiki, I could set up pages for different topics and provide the teachers with a quick visual means of locating the data.  With a blog, teachers should be able to ‘search’ for a topic of their interest and be able to find what they are looking for.  So this is the route I’m going to take and I hope that it provides the teachers with what I hope is going to be useful classroom ideas and resources.

What is one of my key resources when it comes to finding great classsroom resources – ‘Twitter’.  Prior to the summer break, Twitter became a real main stay in my daily routine.  I would set aside (if I could) 15 to 20 minutes and check out what the educational technology guru’s were talking about for the day.  My recommendations for following someone on Twitter:

Steven Anderson – Twitter name is web20classroom.  Steven is a phenomenal resource person with many ideas and links to check out.  He also has a website which is –

Jerry Blumengarten – Twitter name is cybraryman1.  Jerry is another great resource person.  Jerry has a page for just about anything related to technology and education.  He also has his own website –

Moodle Users – our Moodle site is outsourced to Vancouver Consulting.  Andrew Smit is the IT person who maintains the Palliser Moodle software.  He is a great person who provides 24/7 care for us.  I have been consulting with Andrew with an issue that is starting to pop up around the Palliser district.  Lately for myself, when I use IE (Internet Explorer) to work within Moodle, the browser program brings up an error message and then shuts down.  What I have done, is I now use Mozilla Firefox as my browser and I no longer have any issues with Moodle.  Andrew is aware of this and hoepfully this issue can be resolved shortly.  In the meantime, download Firefox and you shouldn’t have any issues.

Another issue that has sprouted up is the email notifications when you are using the Forum modules in Moodle.  In the past, those participants who are subscribed to the Forum would receive an email of any postings.  To start this year off, this is happening and it is another item that Andrew has been asked to trouble shoot for us.

My school visits are to begin the week of September 26th.  During the start up of the school year, teachers have enough to do and because of this I don’t want to interfere with the start up process.  As well, I’m kept busy maintaining the Moodle courses and a multitude of teachers inquiries.  I’d like to share my letter which outlines my ET model for this year and as well, my schedule for visiting the Palliser schools.

Click here to open up the PDF for the ET model for 2011-2012.

Click here to open up the PDF for the ET School Visits for 2011-2012.

I would appreciate any feedback from the Palliser teachers regarding this blog.  Please share what you would like to see here and what things I need to avoid.  My contact is below:

Rocky Wilson
IT Integration Specialist
Palliser Regional Schools
(C) 403-634-0648
(W) 403-328-4111
(VC) 49982333042@
Skype: rocky.wilson
Palliser’s Website –
Rocky’s Website (to be discontinued)
Rocky’s Blog

Some trouble shooting tips that I have assisted some teachers with this school year –

I received an email that the teachers projector (and the teacher next door) would not turn on.  The power light was on but when the remote was used to turn on the projector, it wouldn’t do so.  The simple fix in this situation?  Simply unplug the projector (you will have to climb up on a chair if you are as tall as I am), wait 30 seconds and then plug the power cord back into the projector.  Take the remote and turn it on!

For those of you who have questions about a particular piece of software and a Web Tool 2.0, a good place to start looking is at –  This is a site from Educause – Learning Initiative where part of the site has the “7 Things You Should Know About …..”  You will find on this page that there are four pages total for 2011.  However, if you do a search using the search tool at the top of the page and type in, for example, facebook pdf – it will bring up a two page PDF that includes:

  • A classroom scenario
  • What it is?
  • Who’s doing it?
  • How does it work?
  • Why is it significant?
  • What are the downsides?
  • Where is it going?
  • What are the implications for teaching and learning?

Here is an example of the two page PDF that you will find for Facebook – click here .

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