September 7, 2011

07 Sep

In preparation for my school visits, I wanted a resource that I could call up quickly to use during my sessions with teachers.  What I’ve prep are links (9 total) that revolve around a number of topics and core classes.  For this, I used 3 X 3 (   This would be a great tool for elementary teachers to use.  By having your students access the one 3X3 link, they would then have access to a total of nine links for that one particular class.  Thus the students would not have to type in the long URL’s usually associated with a particular site.  They would simply point and click – no doubt, you would have a much more productive class.

Here is an example of one of my 3×3’s – .  This 3×3 has a total of nine teacher tools that I thought might be of some use to teachers in a classroom.  I could abbreviate this link using ( or bitly (  These are great URL shorteners that simply involve copy and pasting the original URL into space provided and they will generate an abbreviated URL which would be great for the younger students.

Augmented Reality – have you heard of this yet??

If you want to see you stories come alive, then try ZooBurst (  The students would create the scenes page by page.  As well, they would include talking clouds for the characters.  Then, when the product is completed, the students would run the program (and this is where you need a camera which on most laptops, they have one) and the book comes alive.  The characters in essence become 3-D characters where they ‘pop out’ – they are no longer 2D like they were during the creation of the story.  You really have to try this one out!  Play with it yourself before you try introducing it to a class.  It is pretty straight forward and by all means, give me a call if you need any assistance!

Tech Tip:

Are you one of those teachers who has 10 to 15 different windows open at one time and you need to get to your desktop in a hurry.  You end up minimizing one window after another until FINALLY, you find your desktop.  Well, here is a QUICK way to minimize (not close) all your windows – simply hold down the ‘windows key’ and the letter D key at the same time and all windows instantly are minimized!

In case you are not sure what the windows key looks like – here it is: 


My priorities for this school year are many – and hopefully I’ll be able to meet them and do more!  They are:

  • Continue to assist teachers throughout Palliser in their pursuit of attaining a 21st century classroom
  • Create and maintain an ET Blog ( and look at this, I’ve started!!!)
  • TPACK – this is a great approach to integrating technology into a lesson.  Judy Harris travels throughout Alberta and the world promoting this approach.  I would like to become more familiar with TPACK so that I can help facilitate the use of it through Palliser
  • Google – it is offering more and more tools for teachers to use in the classroom.  I’m hoping to gain a better insight into these tools and share with the Palliser teachers how to use them effectively
  • Moodle – with more and more students bringing to school their own devices (POD – personal owned devices), Moodle is the medium to bridge the gap between teacher and student.  POD’s will not have access to printers or storage allocations on the school servers (H and U drives) – at least, not for a while yet.  So for teachers to share documents with students, Moodle would provide that medium to do so.  As well, the collaborative nature of the different Moodle modules provide, make it a great LMS (learning management system) to use.
  • I’m looking at using Bridgit or other tools to allow me to work with teachers in a virtual setting.  By using Bridgit, for example, I could work with a teacher in Calgary from my desk in Lethbridge.  Each of us would have the capability to control the Calgary teachers computer which would allow me to show the ‘how to’ for the teacher I’m working with.  This could potentially be a money saver for the school district – no consumption of fuel and no cost for lodging and meals!
  • Capstone!  I’m almost done my Master’s degree from the University of Lethbridge (IT Leadership in Education)!  For my capstone, I hoping to look at the Palliser IT and other IT from other school districts and develop/create a master plan for the implementation of an effective IT department.  Guess what I’m doing with my free time??!!
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