September 25, 2011

25 Sep

I’ve subscribed to the SimpleK12 ( site for my personal PD in the area of technology.  It has really proven to be a valuable site and also well worth the money!  They have a number of webinars to take part in live and if you can’t make it, the webinars are all archived.  They also provide a rich assortment of resources which I will be sharing with you during the year.  They actually encourage the sharing of their resources.  As well, a number of their webinars are made available free for those who would like to check out what they have to offer.

My school visits have started and this year, to keep up with the demands I’ve made an assortment of 3X3’s (  Having made a number of these in various topic areas, I now have on demand, links for various teacher needs.  Here is what I’ve made up to date:

I need to complete a few of these which I hope to do in the next little while.  Another site similar to 3×3 links is Symbaloo (  Same idea BUT you can have ‘many’ more links – like 52 to be exact on each symbaloo page!  I will be constructing more 3×3’s on other topics for teacher use.  I’m hoping for now that I have a good starting collection that I’ll be able to use in my work with the teachers in our division.

LiveBinders ( is getting to be more and more popular.  Through SimpleK12, I took part in a webinar yesterday (Saturday September 24th) that gave the basics of about what livebinders is and what it has to offer.  It functions just like a physical binder – it looks like a great tool to organizing sites.  I believe that livebinders could take the place of ePearl – the online portfolio program that Palliser no longer hosts.  Students could use livebinder to keep a collect of their work – one can use this site to upload documents.  And like most web tools – it is free!!

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