September 30th, 2011

30 Sep

Jing!  What an awesome desktop recording program.  It is a very quick install and the quality of the recording is great.  It can record both whatever you are doing on the desktop and your audio, using a quality headset!  I used to have access to Camtasia but after my laptop went to technology heaven, I no longer have access to it.  So Jing (free) is made or created by the same company that created Camtasia ($299) and Snagit ($49.95) – Techsmith.

Its only real drawback is that you are limited to five minutes of recording time. Even if you pay for the Pro version, you only get 5 minutes.  Which isn’t bad – one just has to plan around this time factor.  I made up some Moodle videos and they turned out really well – I kept the SMART timer on one screen so I could gauge my time on the fly.

So with this tool, I’m hoping to start compiling a library of videos that I’ll upload to the Palliser shared folder.  I’ll working with some Moodle tutorials first and then branch out from there.  The link to the download page is –

In the previous blog, I mentioned how we need to shift towards Windows Live Movie Maker due Windows 7 OS.  Here is the link to download the software – – however, make sure that you download just the Movie Maker software.

For Audacity, here is the link to access to install this program –  At this site, be sure to select the “Windows 3.1.13” link for the Windows 7 version.

Audacity is really a very nice audio tool.  Really easy to use and the sky is the limit for what you can do with this program.  As all the Palliser teachers know from Mike Davis (at our first PD Collaboration Day on the 19th), he has created a self paced lesson package which everyone in Palliser with a Moodle access can use to fine tune your skills.

SMART notebook is now up to version 10.8.364.0!  A few more features added to the overall program.  Not sure what to think when it comes to SMART.  I know that our IT department doesn’t appreciate all of the continual updates that they send out.  Some districts have actually locked this down and they are still using version 9.7!  Seems hard to believe but from a maintainance viewpoint – this action would result in fewer headaches for the IT department but I hate to think of what the teachers (and students in return) are missing out on.  Some of the new features include the following tools – clear ink from page, image optimization, export optimized file, full screen zoom, gesture feedback and the calligraphic pen tool.

I’m going to share a pdf from the Simplek12 Unconference site that I subscribe to for my own personal PD.  It is the “101 Tools and Resources” created by Ben Wilkoff.  Check it out by clicking HERE.

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