October 16, 2011

16 Oct

If you don’t have a twitter account yet – then you should do so as soon as you can fit it in.  Twitter never ceases to amaze me with how it is truly a great PD resource.  Every time I go on (and I don’t get on it as much as I would like to!) I always walk away from my computer with a ‘load’ of sites that are classroom tested and reliable.  The educators that I follow always share resources, links and ideas that I file away and in turn, I get to share them with you.  I’m not a real social media person, but I have to say that Twitter is, for me , the best one that I’m currently using.  My only regret or downfall is that I’m a ‘lurker’ on Twitter – I sign in and read all of the twitter dialogue and copy/paste all of the great ideas and resources.  What I need to start doing is contributing my share of ideas and resources.  I’ve got to make this a priority and soon.

A link was provided that focuses on ten tools to use to create an infographic.  I’m a visual learning and I really like to look at the infographics that are being produced.  Google ‘infographic’ and have a look at what is available – there is no question that as a teacher, you could use these in almost any class (depending on the infographic content of course!).  The following link that I received via Twitter – has everything that you need to create your own infographic.  It provides links to tutorials for how to go about creating them and then it provides ten ‘great’ tools for putting together the infographic.  Some of the tools that I thought were really interesting were:

There are more listed at the before mentioned link.  These are the ones that I thought were really dynamic that could be used for any core class.

Another neat site for social studies in particular is –  This is a great interactive tool to help students identify the various countries along with states/provinces and their respective capitals.

I’m always looking for alternatives for video and audio editing.  During the last weekend while lurking on Twitter, I found the following link to FileLab  It potential but right now I’m trying to get the editors to do what I want.  You need the most current browser’s (IE9 for example).  I tried it on Firefox but haven’t had a lot of success yet.  Once I do, I’ll share more details about these potential tools.

I was asked by a school if I had any links to sites that provide a means of assessing the math competencies of students at all grade levels.  I came across two that I’m going to share with them and I hope they will be useful in their goal of establishing benchmarks for the students math abilities:

Teaching ‘phases of the moon’?  Check out this link – shows an image of the moon phases using Oreo cookies!! (

The iPad2 – the more I look into all of the various Apps that are available, the more I see the iPad being the tool of choice in the classroom.  Of all of the links I currently have relating to the iPad, the following is probably one of the best so far that I’ve come across –  Gregory Swanson has put together a great compilationof Apps that would help meet the needs of our students in the classroom pursuits!

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