October 30, 2011

30 Oct

Inclusive Education is an initiative which all Alberta schools are addressing.  Palliser just completed a two day workshop with all of its school administrators to facilitate the process of engaging all staffs into the inclusive education process.  Alberta Education has put together an extensive list of resources and programs to assist all districts in this endeavor.    A link to get one started would be with the following link

Check out this document that I put together which has other links dealing with inclusive education.  Make sure to check out the LiveBinder link – it has a lot of resources contained within it!  The link for the document – click on the following – INCLUSIVE EDUCATION

Some of the activities that I’ve seen firsthand that the Palliser teachers have been involved with inclusive education:

  • At one school, the social studies teacher has gone above and beyond the call in this area.  For his quiz/exam, he is providing an audio file of the items in the assessment which he has recorded using Audacity.  Thus the students can listen to the questions and if need be, they can replay the question.  They would have complete control of what pace they want to set and thus not have the feeling of being ‘pushed along.’  As well the quiz/exam is available digitally on Word so that the students can visually read the questions as they listen to the audio file.   On top of this, the students submit all of the answers using the SMART Senteo/Response clickers!  The feedback is VERY positive from the students.  They love the format and they actually ‘look forward’ to the next assessment!
  • At a different school, a young man is using Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS).  I had the opportunity to work with him and show him the basics of how to use the really neat software.  What is really necessary here is the use of a quality set of headphones.  I really like the Logitech Clearset headset.  Very reliable and I’ve never had an issue when using this headset.   With others, issues often arise.  On my follow-up visit, the students TA remarked how the student is so much more relaxed when it comes to doing his work.  Prior to using DNS, it was next to impossible to get anything done when it came to creating documents for his assignment.  The student became very stressed and there was virtually no productivity.  As a result of using DNS, the student regularly produces assignments on time and because of the reduced stress level, he is a much happier (and confident) student!
  • At yet another school, a legally blind student has to go right up to the SMART board to observe what is being displayed.  What we are currently working on is using Bridgit to connect to the teacher’s desktop.  The student will join the Bridgit session with the Apple iPad2, using the available Bridgit App.  We’re hoping that this will allow the student to participate in the class lesson from his desk without having to approach the SMART board at the front of the room.  I will pass along this progress of this project as it develops.

Thanks to a Palliser teacher, she asked if I could organize all of the links/sites that I email the Palliser teachers into a central repository that has some logical organization to it.  As a result I’ve started a wiki where I plan to upload ALL of my sites/links.  I’ve only just begun the work on this and hopefully I’ll have most of my resources listed by year’s end.  The link, if you care to see the progress to date is –’m always open to suggestions, so if you have any, please forward them to me.  It would be greatly appreciated!

I have just recently subscribed to ‘Make Use Of’ site where I have been able to download a lot of documents/books on a number of topics.  The link to this site is –  When you complete the free registration, you automatically have the opportunity to download books.  I downloaded in the first 15 minutes of my registration the following resources:

  • Digital Photography
  • Dropbox
  • GarageBand
  • iPad Guide
  • MS-Word
  • Photoshop Part 2
  • WordPress
  • Windows 7 Guide

For the grade six science teachers, have a look at the following site –  It is a LiveBinder that is packed with resources focused on your Sky Science unit!

I’ve shared resources that the Cybraryman (Jerry Blumengarten) before and I will continue to do so.  This retired librarian has a ‘tremendous’ library of resources which he is so great to share with all educators.  Some of the links you might want to check out are listed below.  If you want to see ALL of the links, just Google the ‘cybraryman’ and you will find a gold mine of resources.  Some of his work includes:

Want to have a little musical fun?  Have a look at this site –

Check out this link for ’47 Alternatives to YouTube’ –  In this listing (number 36) I found a link dedicated for using with ESL students (ESL Basics –

Are you looking for some different presentation web 2.0 tools?  Check out this link –

How about links for tools to create stories?  Check this listing of sites (thanks to the following LiveBinder link –

There is just so much to share with you and I know that if you are trying to check out everything that I’ve listed in this blog entry – it’s going to be impossible!  The nice thing is, it’ll be here when you have the time later to continue checking out all of the sites.

Here is a link (LiveBinder format) which will take you a while to search through – but wow, what a resource!!  Have a look –  One of the resources listed in here which is presented in the 3x3links format is the following –  The theme is “Do It! Online for Kids” and what you will find is a 3×3 page with 9 links for the following areas:

  • Draw and Paint It!
  • Poetry It!
  • Comics It!
  • Build It!
  • Color It!
  • Music It!
  • Write It!
  • Holiday It!
  • Read It!

Make sure you check out these links – you will NOT be disappointed!

The last then I’ll leave with you for this blog are some Apple iPad links:

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