November 16, 2011

16 Nov

Until lately, SMART with their Senteo (now called Response) has held the market when it comes to gathering data from students.  Now the market is really getting saturated with providers who offer plenty of alternatives – PollEverywhere, Survey Monkey, Socrative to name a few.

Google offers their version and like the ones previously mentioned – it’s FREE.  If you want to use the SMART Response, a school needs to invest in $2000 to purchase the clickers (32 plus the receiver).  It just isn’t cost efficient to buy them!  If you only have one kit there will always be days when you can’t get them and they are too costly to simply use them but once a week.  So the free tools to me are the way to go!

With Google Forms, a teacher can quickly set up an assessment and collect the responses from the students.  The responses are collected in a spreadsheet from which one could create a formula to ‘mark’ the assessment.  Easy to do if you are familiar with creating formulas in Excel.

Now the process is even easier and quicker.  Within Google Forms, you can now install ‘Flubaroo’ which will take away any of the formula work.  You simply create the assessment using Google Form and make sure that you answer the assessment yourself with the correct answers.  Then using Flubaroo, it will prompt you for what is considered for marking and what is not.  Once this is done, Flubaroo then takes over and within a minute, the assessment is marked.  Like SMART Response, you can view a summary of the responses in the graph mode and as well, you have permanent record the student’s results for future reference.

Google Docs and all of the extras really does offer the teacher a wide variety of tools to use in the classroom environment.  Like everything else, one needs to somehow find the time to learn how to use the tools.  The nice thing about the Google Form and Flubaroo is that it’s very easy to set up and use!!

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