November 27, 2011

27 Nov

I was fortunate to have taken part in an Inclusive presentation while attending the JTC (Jurisdiction Technology Contacts) event in Calgary last week.  The presentation title was “Supporting Inclusive Learning Environments through Technology”.  Two knowledgeable individuals from Alberta Education presented the topic and they shared the following links which I think you will find useful in your work towards creating an even more Inclusive Education environment:

As I am in the final phase of completing my Master’s degree, I’m always on the lookout for links and articles to use in my Capstone.  I came across a neat article “12 Most Explosive Leadership Lessons from Superhero Movies” which provides a comparison of the superhero traits to that of school leaders.  Have a look –  The summary of the lessons include – Leaders:

  • reconcile differences
  • don’t let their gifts go to waste
  • know what’s most important
  • show compassion
  • believe in teamwork
  • see potential in others
  • value their legacy
  • exercise self-control
  • inspire hope
  • are humble
  • conquer their fears
  • don’t forget where they come from

As always, I keep coming across even more sites/links with and iPad focus.  This entry’s links include:

In the realm of the 21st century classroom, teachers need to be willing to take the risk and be willing to work beyond the confines of their classrooms.  With the technology we now have in our classrooms, the process of ‘collaboration’ allows us to do this very thing – go beyond our classroom.  The following article provides a nice little background to those who wish to expand their horizon and go where more and more teachers are going – worldwide!  The link –, again, provides a nice little write up.  We need to take advantage of what we have at our disposal and take the students to the next level – to collaborate with others.  By all means, start small.  Maybe simply collaborating with another school within our school division.  Once the knowledge base and level of comfort increases, the teachers can then venture to the global community!  What a great way to motivate and enhance the student’s education in a classroom!

The programs that involve the creation of Word Clouds are numerous.  The have applications in all of our classes.  I love the way that we have used them to summarize our meetings.  The individual who was responsible for taking the minutes would ‘dump’ the notes into (in this case) Wordle.  What resulted was a neat poster like summation of what was discussed.  It was neat to see what terms/words were used the most as a means to see just what the discussions were revolved around.  Here is a link to how the word cloud programs can be used in the various classes –

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