December 4th, 2011

04 Dec

Thanks to a former colleague (Jen Deyenberg of Trials Optional –, she got me onto Tut Pup (   It is a neat little site where your students can go to practice math and spelling.  Teachers need to really have a look at this site.  When they register (and make sure you do as a teacher), you will create a class code which your students will use when they register.  This will place them in your class that you create and then – you can monitor their progress in the following areas:  basic math, spelling, math operators, times tables and algebra!  Even better – it’s free!!!  I’ve had teachers that have looked at this say that it operates similar to Mathletics (  Be sure to check out Tut Pup!

I mentioned earlier that the e-Pearl (e-Portfolio program) has been terminated for the Palliser Regional Schools.  So we’re looking at some alternatives for the few teachers that were using e-Pearl.  So far I’ve been focusing on two web tools – those being VoiceThread ( and LiveBinders (!

From my searching, I found the following links which offer some insight in the use of VoiceThread as an e-portfolio tool:

With regards to LiveBinders, I really believe that this web tool has a lot of potential.  Some examples of using LiveBinders for e-portfolios:

I came across yet another couple of ideas that I’ll have to look at in more depth to see of its possible use.  They are Foliji ( and the idea of using ‘digital stories’ as means of creating an e-portfolio (!

Foliji is advertised as a ‘free folio maker’.  The ‘Learning Portfolio’ looks like it is laid out well.  Thus the students could simply follow the lead provided by the template offered through Foliji.  This template includes – Portfolio Titile and Description; About Me; Course 1 (we could put the grade level here); Courses 2,3,4 – again, instead of Course, we could put grade levels instead.  So I think that Foliji is worth looking at!!

As I work with the Palliser teachers in this area, I’ll be sure to share our trials and tribulations with you as we progress through this area.  I’m looking forward to utilizing both VoiceThread, LiveBinders, Foliji and storytelling as possible alternatives to ePearl (e-portfolio)!

If you have done so already, you should consider subscribing to Makeuseof (  They offered a wide variety of tech related resources at ‘no cost’ – free!!!  The latest email from Makeuseof offered the following PDF’s on shortcuts for, again, a variety of software and OS.  I’m always looking for shortcuts and I’d like to share some of documents with you:

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