December 15, 2011

15 Dec

I missed my weekend entry!  Working on my capstone is starting to take up more of my time and focus!

Years ago, when I worked in the County of Vulcan School District, I became an avid user of HyperCard and later – HyperStudio.  This was back when I was a ‘Mac’ man.  It seems like after the PC started taking over the market share of computers, the use of HyperStudio was to be no more.  As it turns out, I was approached by a teacher who inquired about this program.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that after all these years (since I used it with the PowerMac 5400), it is still available – now in both Mac and PC formats!  I’ve downloaded the 30 day trial and when I first opened out program, it really brought back memories.  Needless to say, it has evolved but the layout is much the same as I remember it from back when.  I’m awaiting the costs of this program to see if it something that Palliser could pursue as a district.  In the meantime, I’ll be reacquainting myself with the program whenever I get a free moment!

For those teachers who would like to share their calendars with students and/or parents, there is a way to do this.  This method will only work if the recipient has access to the same MS Exchange where your calendar is created.  In this case, all of the students in the Palliser school district could access the calendar because they all have their own Palliser email account.  The parents however, would not.  But they could use their child’s login to check out the calendar.

So how do I share my calendar?

  1. First create a calendar in Outlook or if you simply want to share the default one, that will work as well.
  2. The link that you would then share with whomever is:

  1. You could copy and paste this URL
  2. Where you see firstname.lastname – please replace this with your first and last name
  3. Where you see name.of.calendar – please replace this with the name of your calendar.

What will happen when the students click on this link, is it will take them to the internet browser to the OWA page –

The students would carry out their login and they will then have access to your calendar.  They will be looking at the ‘day’ layout – have them select ‘Month’ layout and they’ll have your whole month layout.

Tumblebooks – access:

If you have a Chinook Arch Library membership, you can get access to the Tumblebooks by

  • Going through
  • Look for the ‘Licensed Database’ and then
  • Scroll on down to the section “For Kids” – within this section is the Tumblebooks link.

I’m sure that the Calgary Public Library system would offer something similar to this, so I encourage those teachers who want to use Tumblebooks at no cost, to check into this.

An alternative from going through our local public libraries:

We are still looking for the ePearl alternative (e-Portfolio).  I came across Foliji ( and I thought that this was the tool we were looking for.  A couple of things that weigh against Foliji is you can’t use if currently to ‘collaborate’ with.  I received a message indicating that this will be available in the near future.  Teachers want this so that fellow students and themselves can leave comments for the student regarding the portfolio.  The other contentious item is that Foliji work is public – which is to be expected.  But from a security point of view, it would be nice to publish the portfolio so that only ‘invited’ members could view it.

The look of Foliji is ‘very’ similar to that of Moodle.  So, with that in mind, we’re currently looking at our Palliser Moodle to provide the e-Portfolio option.

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