February 3rd, 2012

03 Feb

As always, I continue to come across LOTS of great links that have great potential for the use in the classroom!  There really seems to be unlimited resources on the internet that have great potential for use in the classroom.  The trouble is that there is so many that no one teacher has the time to search and learn the tool so that it can be effectively used in the classroom.  Thanks to the work by the likes of Judy Harris, we now have the TPACK model to follow that can help in the effective integration of technology in the classroom.  Following the TPACK model, we basically continue what we, as teachers have done all along.  Determine the outcomes and then design and carry out the pedagogy.  Only then do we determine the technology that could be used to enhance the lesson.  There are resources now available that help the teacher in selecting the technological tool to compliment the activity.  So if the activity involves reflection, the resource will point the teacher towards blogs, wikis, Animoto, etc.  This is great because it cuts down on the amount of time a teacher needs in order to pick out a relevant tool.

VANTAGE continues to share their monthly links.  To see this month’s links which focused on Social Studies, click here – Vantage Social St Jan 31.12

From the, Pet MacKay continues to share a variety of links.  A few of them include:

  • If you are looking for tutorial’s to help you make greater use of the MS Office programs, you can sign up to use the following services from MS Partners-in-Learning at
  • If any schools are still offering computer science classes, this site might offer you some support and ideas –
  • Another neat site for students to check out is Wonderopolis  The site shares on interesting topic per day.  You can search for previous topics that cover a wide range of interesting things.
  • For the social studies teachers, have a look at the following site –  What I found great about this site is that it focuses on Canadian content.  Check it out as it might have something that will enhance your social studies class.
  • Cool 2.0 – Collaborating for Climate Change Solutions (  This description is taken from the site: “As the new go-to hub for the best in climate change education, COOL 2.0 offers resources for science, social studies, economics, language arts, technology, and beyond. Search our database for lesson plans, videos, research and data, and collaborative projects. Log in to COOL 2.0 to create and manage rich learning experiences for your students.”

From the people that I follow on Twitter, I’ll share the following links:


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