April 19th, 2012

19 Apr

Well, my Master’s program is completed and one can’t help but feel a weight off one’s shoulders.  I know the last three years will pay dividends in my role as the ET Specialist within Palliser Regional Schools.  Lots to do and now I feel that I have the time AND energy to put into the work that lies ahead!

So what can I share with you this time around.  Twitter never fails to provide a great source of ideas and links that classroom teachers should be able to use in the classroom.

On the lighter side, have a look at the following site (  It really is a neat exercise to see if you can keep the cat from running off the grid.  One has to strategically place the solid dots to block the cat from escaping.  It can be very engaging once you get started.  I would say that this could prove to be a very effective problem-solving activity – one that the students will have fun with while exercising a little brain power!

For those teachers teaching grade four math, have a look at this livebinder on Fractions –  Lots of good activities to use in the class for a concept that a lot of students have trouble with.  I couldn’t run the site using Internet Explorer but I could using Mozilla Firefox with Java enabled.

Have a look at this site ‘Explania’ (  This site has potential but has a ways to go.  Rather than the typical text definitions, Explania provides animations to describe a term or concept.  In time, as the library of animations increases, this site could provide a neat alternative to the typical online dictionaries or accessing Wikipedia!

For those biology teachers, have a look at Penn Medicine – Medical Animation Library  (  Like Explania, this library provides video/animations to describe the various biology terms and concepts.

YouTube is started to really fine tune the videos it houses.  Have a look at the following:

In keeping with science, you have to take a look at Exploriments (  Have a look at the bottom of the page for a sample of the work that they provide.  I was impressed so I’ve registered (it’s FREE!) and I await my access so that I can delve into even more of the tools that they have.  Can’t wait!  For those who have used the ‘Gizmos’, you’ll find these are somewhat similar to them.

I have written earlier about infographics.  I really believe that this could be a powerful exercise to use in the classroom.  The research and development of the infographic would be a great means of assessing the learning taking place in the classroom.  Here are a few that I think you will find interesting:

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