Welcome back to another school year!!

05 Sep

It’s the start of yet another school year!  It really is amazing how one can get right back in the saddle and continue on as if there was no summer holiday break.

Palliser has a new school on board – Trinity Christian School which is located at the south end of Calgary.  Welcome abroad Trinity!  I, myself, am looking forward to working with your staff this coming school year!  With Trinity now part of the Palliser Regional School district, half of the student population is now Calgary based which will result in my refocusing my energies for the upcoming year.

Palliser IT worked hard on working out the bugs to start a pilot of ‘Google Apps for Education.’  Thanks to the support from Edmonton Public Schools (Terry Korte), we now have the background infrastructure in place to move this great tool into our schools.  We’re going to pilot the Google Apps in a few schools and hopefully by the new year, we’ll have all of the ‘ducks in a row’ so as to push Google Apps for Education out to all of the Palliser schools.

From a previous blog entry, I thought I would share a selection of 3×3 Links (  This site would be a very useful tool for the elementary teachers.  By having the students access one site, they would then be able to select up to 9 sites that the teacher might want to use in a class – this would prevent smaller students having to type in URL addresses and enhance the overall productivity of the class.  Another even more robust site that takes 3×3 further is Symbaloo (  Instead of being limited to just 9 sites that 3×3 offers, using Symbaloo, a teacher could provide up to 52 links!  Imagine that time you could save by not having your students typing in the URL’s for this number of sites!

Some 3×3 links that you might be able to use:


Adobe Master Teacher Program

Adobe along with Alberta Education created a program where 25 teachers from across Alberta are currently meeting throughout the school year to train the teachers in becoming ‘masters’ of the powerful tools that Adobe has to offer.  I’m lucky enough to be one of them and I’m looking forward to getting certified and then providing the training to allow teachers to use the Adobe software more effectively in the classrooms.  If you have any comments or inquiries of any kind regarding the Adobe, please don’t hesitate to contact me (

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