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10 Sep

I had a teacher ask about some resources to help him out with his high school math courses.  What I offered is displayed below.  Beware that the list of sites at the end are not all high school focused.

You have to take some time and look at Learn Alberta ( as well.  After you choose ‘English’, check the top right side and look for ‘T4T Courses’.  This might prove to be yet another great resource.  You will need to register which can take a few days but well worth it.  Just looked and they have the student/teacher resource for Math 10-3. For Science, they had Science 20 and Science 24 – not sure if that is the same as 20-4.

But for sure ( – this is the 2Learn link to the high school resources –  Check out the Math – the drop down menu has most of the Math course levels and they provide access to a lot of great interactives – as well, check out the right hand side of the page – lots of math related links!

For math – you have to check out Khanacademy (!  This has a video for just about any math concept and the best part now – is you can register as a ‘coach’.  When you do this, the site will generate a code – thus when the student go to register, they will enter your code as well.  This then allows you to actually monitor ‘everything’ they do on the site.  It really is a nice feature that they added within the last year.

Another one is LearnZillion ( – this is yet, another great site!  Here, you actually set up the outcomes and quizzes (that are provided) and like Khanacademy, you get to monitor everything that the students do!

If you want to get a hold of teacher created SMART notebook documents – go to  You will have to create an account – which is free.  Just did a search on ‘math’ and I got 699 hits.  Not a lot but there might be some good documents there for you to download.

Do an ‘advanced search’ on Google (!   I used this a lot when I was teaching in the classroom.  On the top line, type in your concept (line with ‘all these words:’ in it).  Down by ‘language’ we’ll obviously select English – and down by ‘file type’ (this is what I like!), I would select Shockwave Flash (to get the neat interactives), Word, PowerPoint, PDFs – these might have activities or even exams.

Links that I have collected (sorry, I haven’t categorized by Division level):

Mental Math sites:

 Math Assessment related:

Math Tests




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