Second week of the 2012-13 school year – and it’s full steam ahead!

13 Sep

Another week and I’m trying my best to make sure I do a weekly entry.  Here we go!!

For the iPad users, have a look at the following link and go through the slide show to see 102 uses for the iPad in the classroom.  There are some good ideas presented – not sure though if any of the Apps come with a cost.

Keeping with the iPad theme, check out Steven Anderson’s blog about ‘Apps That Teach! (And might be fun too)’.  (

Here is yet, another link to ‘50 Apps Students Will Be Using in Your Classroom’

Here is great link to promoting internet awareness.  It is the result of the work partnered by Google, Common Sense Media, ConnectSafely and the National Consumers League.  The site is “ThinkB4U” and its goal is to promote young people to be responsible for their actions towards other people online and for safeguarding the rights of others online.  Have a look – it is really well done:  The site contains videos and tutorials that guide the users through a number of online scenarios.

Toys R Us is now promoting a $150 dollar tablet build just for kids called the ‘Tabeo’.  The tablet comes with a 7 inch screen and 50 child-friendly apps.  There are an additional 7,000 free apps available for download through Google.

If you ever wanted to compare how one country compares in size with another country – check out this link ‘Overlay Maps’  Thanks to Pete McKay for sharing this through It’s very easy to manipulate – select which country you want to overlay another country with and you will be able to show your students how much bigger or smaller a country is!

Palliser is slowly moving towards Google Apps for Education. The tools include Google Docs (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, forms), the Apps Marketplace (you should see these Apps!), Google Drive (beefed version of Google Docs – cloud storage similar to Dropbox), Google Hangout and Gmail along with a high standard of privacy safeguards.

So why would Palliser go towards Google Apps for Education?

  • It’s FREE and no advertisements!
  • Secure – if NASA uses it, it has to be secure!
  • Anytime – anywhere access!  Students can work from anywhere!
  • Cost saving – because all the documents can be shared, there would less need to print out hard copies of student work.
  • Email is secured and can be filtered.
  • Google backs up everything – in fact, they back up the data in 3 separate locations!
  • Collaborative – teachers should see an increase in classroom engagement and assessment with the Google tools.
  • Check out the following videos about Google Apps for Education:

If you are looking for a link to help you in your transition to becoming a 21st century educator, have a look at the following site –

I will close with this link to why students should delete their Facebook account – has some good things that students really need to consider –

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