Digital Citizenship

31 Oct

I attended a great workshop put on by the SAPDC (October 30th, 2012).  Alec Couros and Maurice Hollingsworth facilitated a Digital Citizenship session which proved to be very informative and very timely.  As we all need to work on our digital citizenship polices and administrative procedures, Alec and Maurice provided the group with a lot of things for consideration.  Dr. Maurice Hollingsworth was approached by Alberta Education to create a guide for creating a digital citizenship policy.  As a result, this guide “Digital Citizenship Policy Development Guide” PDF is now available online.  Click here to access this document.

Here are some sites which focus on digital citizenship – some here I have shared before but that is because they are great resources:

For those who want to be Twitter people but simply don’t have the time, try Paper Li (  Alec Couros shared this during the Digital Citizenship workshop in Lethbridge last October 30th.  You should already have a Twitter account to use this tool.  Basically you create a ‘newspaper’ in a sense.  You first create a name for your paper.  Then, you pick up your favorite people that you normally follow and then select done.  You have the choice of ‘publishing’ daily, morning and evening or just on weekends.  Whatever format you choose, you receive an email and it creates a newspaper like document for you to read what the people you follow had to say today on Twitter.  It really presents a nice packaged document to read!!

For your mobile devices, Alec suggested trying out Zite ( and Flipboard (  These two apps provide the user with a means of following their favorite information sources on their mobile devices.

Looking to create an avatar which you can download to your computer without any registration?  Try out ‘Clay Yourself’ ( You will discover that there isn’t a lot of flexibility here, but for the students to create an avatar to represent them online – it would be a good tool.  Best of all – it’s free!!


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