24 Mar

WOW!!!  Have I fallen off the road way or what??  Just seems that there is SO MUCH on the go that I have totally neglected this job that, I feel, is as important as everything else tied to the job.  Since I’m no longer emailing site after site, this blog is the medium that was intended to replace all of those emails.  Yet ….. I’ve neglected this!  My apologies for anyone who might be following these postings!!  My goal is to try to do a better job – rather than do a bunch of links at once, I’m going to share a link or two at a time and keep the postings a little more consistent!!

With the transition into Google Apps for Education (GAFE), I’ve been fortunate to be able to have a bunch of dedicated teachers who have been sharing some of the great features they’ve encountered.

I’ll share this site “QuizLet” (  When I was first introduced to this site, I was informed that it was a flashcard site.  I thought, big deal, a flashcard site.  Isn’t this sort of going backwards with technology in mind??  Then, I got the exposure to it and I thought “Wow, this could prove useful in a number of classes!”

As a teacher, I can choose to search and use existing Quizlet’s and/or modify them to meet my needs in the classroom.  What Quizlet provides as well, are other options besides just presenting the flashcard aspect.  One can choose to use the contents of the flashcards and carry out:

(1)   A Study component called Speller – the program will ‘read out’ the term (while at same time, provide the definition) for the student to type out the word.

(2)   A Study component called Learn – for this component, the program provides the definition (can have it read to them as well) for the student to type in the term.

(3)   A Study component called Test – here, the students are giving an assessment which comes in different forms of questions (short answer and multiple choice)

(4)   A Game component called Scatter – all the words and definitions are scattered about the work area and the students have to click and drag the matching pairs.

(5)   A Game component called Space Race – students have to type in the terms for definitions that float by.

The part that I find really useful is that these Quizlet’s can be embedded into the Google Site that a teacher might have created.  So a teacher could create various study tools that he/she could embed into their site for students to access to prep.  The embedding component only provides from the above 5 options – Flashcards, Scatter, Learn and Speller.

I’ll share one more neat feature related to GAFE.  This one has to do with Google Calendars.  Teachers can quickly and easily create signups for any number of appointment slots.  These could be used for students to sign up for when they would like to do a class presentation or, if you teach everything in a particular class (like most elementary teachers), you could use this process for parent-teacher interviews.

Simply go to your GAFE Calendar and ‘click’ anywhere.  This will provide the following window –

appointment slot image

From this window, select the link “Appointment slots” and the following window should appear –

second window for appointment slots

Here, the teacher would provide the title for the event, which calendar to use and one can also select the length of the appointments (5, 10 , 15, 30 ,45, 60 minutes).

From this same window, one can select the ‘Edit details’ to further modify the appointment slot.  This includes:

(1)   The link that the teacher could share with students and/or parents.  The link could be displayed in a newsletter or emailed.  One would probably use (Google’s URL shortener) to shorten the URL which is pretty long!

(2)   Teachers could also set the starting time and the length of the appointment slots to be selected from

(3)   Also have the option to ‘repeat’ this should there be a need to do so

(4)   It’s also at this window that the teacher could send/email the link to parents and students.

Again, GAFE has so much potential to assist the teachers and students in furthering their studies.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share more in the near future!!


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