Easter is here – already!!

28 Mar

Back again – this time not so long in between postings!!!

For the iPad users, here are a few links:

  1. 48 Free Education Apps sorted by Grade Level –
  2. My 10 Favorite iPad Apps Used in the Classroom –

Here is neat link to help you set up a scavenger hunt using technology.  It has a lot of good, common sense ideas to help you create a good activity –  Tying into this, here is an article describing two ways to use QR codes in the classroom –

As always, there is something to share in regards to GAFE (Google Apps for Education).  In this case, it’s gClassFolders!  This is a script that is designed to create three folders.  One is a folder that has documents which are for ‘view’ only purposes.  These would include documents like the class syllabus/course outline which you don’t want the students to modify. The second folder is the ‘edit’ folder where students can place documents that are modifiable by the teacher and student.  The last one is the ‘dropbox’ folder.  This is the folder where the students will drag/move their finished document into.  This probably doesn’t sound like much, but you have to try it out to see just how it works.  It will save you and the students A LOT of time and hassles. The gClassFolder script and be located in the Public Templates or you could use this link –  At this site, select the link in the middle of the page that says “Use gClassFolders Template”.  As with all scripts used in GAFE, you must authorize the use of the script.  It was mentioned at the Edmonton Google Summit that one must make sure the developer of a particular script must be known and respected.  To authorize a script opens up the door to your computer should the developer of it program it to do so.  Anyways, once authorized, make sure to follow the three steps in order as listed under the gClassFolder menu.

Need a stopwatch for your classroom?  Here is a link to an on-line stopwatch which allows you to modify as you see fit.  You can have it count up or count down.  You can adjust the watch so that it fits nicely in your window –

I’ll leave you with my newest photo editing tool.  I really like this one as it’s easy to use and it can do so much!!  It’s called “PicMonkey” –  The user can modify the image and then quickly save it where ever he/she wants on the computer or elsewhere!

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