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05 May

Pete MacKay shares a site per day.  They cover the whole spectrum of classes that are taught in the classroom.  Below are a bunch that Pete has shared:

  • Thing Link (  a simple tool to add pop-ups to a photographs in the form of videos, images, audio, links and test to enhance their digital storytelling projects!
  • Citation Machine ( this tool makes it easy for students to fill out a simple form and the properly citation is provided for inclusion into a bibliography.
  • Answer Garden ( a neat tool for brainstorming with, polling your students or one could embed it into a website to use as a guestbook!
  • Automotivator (  this tool allows your students to create a corporate style motivational posters using their own images and this poster can then be saved as a jpeg to a local computer.
  • La Presse+ (  this site would be a great enhancement to a French class.  It is the digital edition of the newspaper product.  They even have an app for this product.
  • What Can I Do With a Math Degree (  this site will provide ideas for how a math degree could fulfill a lucrative career.  The site lists ten companies that employ math majors.
  • Raspberry Pi (  this one comes with a cost and it’s one I’m going to invest in just to see how well it works!  The Raspberry Pi is a credit card size computer the plugs in a TV and also connects to a USB keyboard.  This little PC can be used to work on spreadsheets, word-processing and games!
  • Word Clouds for Kids (  from the elementary site, a word cloud that makes it easy for students to print or save their word clouds as jpegs.
  • Vocaroo ( we have as part of the computer image ‘Audacity.’  This is a great audio editing program which is a quick and free download.  Another option for editing audio is Vocaroo!  This tool can be quickly and easily accessed online to record voice.  It’s very simple to use and the end product and be shared via a link, an email, and to the various social media sites.
  • Government of Canada Science site ( this site provides a series of downloadable Science Activity Books.  They each contain dozens of experiments that cover elementary, middle and senior high ages.  Use the link above to access the various books.
  • Aim High 101 Tips ( you need to check out this neat little site.  I like how it’s broken into various topics and how each comes complete with little tidbits of information – quick and easy to read.
  • Water Cooperation! ( the site has compiled a great collection of resources, articles, videos and other links that focus on ‘water.’  I know that I could have used this collection in my grade eight science class!
  • iRead – Classroom Literacy (  this is a Google site where teachers are collaborating with a focus on improving reading literacy using digital audio tools like iPods, mics, Garageband, iTunes, Keynote – an obvious on the Apple products.
  • Subject-Verb Agreement ( this site offers interactive activities to assess the student’s grammar knowledge.  The verb is removed from each statement in a cloze activity.  Feedback is immediate and if the response is incorrect, the student is informed of how to correct the statement.
  • How to Get Started in Gamifying Your Lessons (  Gamification of lessons is a hot topic which, if you haven’t already heard about it, you will!!  This site offers the ‘how-to’ to setting up your lessons in a gaming environment.  The PDF that is downloadable offers the teacher the background information to get started.
  • Map Skills (  this Saskatchewan Public School site teaches the basics of map skills.  It’s a flash site, so beware if you are an Apple user.  Pete suggests that this site will meet many of our geography-related learner objectives.
  • 2Learn’s Grade 1 and 2 Resources (  I can’t say enough about 2Learn.  They have really done a lot of work on their site which has made a potential ‘one stop’ link to resources to enhance your classroom lessons.  Have a look at this link and simply hover your mouse over the subject areas listed across the top of the page to see where you might want to navigate to.
  • Read Write Think Printing Press (  this is a neat little site where students can create posters, brochures or a newspaper.  The site is easy to use and it allows students to save their work to their network so that it can be brought back up to work on at a later date!
  • Impact Earth (  this is a science link that gives the students a chance to set up different scenarios for a meteor hitting the earth.
  • Lino – sticky note collaboration (  here is a site which reminds me of  Students can create a sticky note to be placed on a board.  Linoit allows users to work together adding images and video clips as well.
  • PresentationZen (  this is a link to a blog which talks about all things good and bad about representing.  Could be useful for your students preparing for a presentation as well as teachers!
  • Every Last Drop (  here is another site which focuses on water.  This one though is from the UK.  It is an interactive site which presents its information in an ingenious interactive.
  • Architect Studio 3D (  this interactive allows students to build a 3D model of a house.  It provides a lot of background information on architecture and students cannot only view their work, but also save it so that it can be worked on at a later date.
  • If It Were My Home (  I’ve listed this one before on my blog.  I really like this site as it provides the information regarding how one country compares to another.  Hopefully our Canadian students can see how ‘lucky’ we are to have what we have!
  • The Scale of the Universe v.2 (  this is yet another neat site that will provide the students with a visual on how things compare in the universe.
  • (  this site offers basic math drill and practice exercises which can be managed in pieces for student from K-12.  Also provides a platform for communicating with parents.
  • Who pooped? (  here is a site that provides students with the opportunity to study a sample of scat to determine what the animal was eating.  As Pete mentions – no gloves required!
  • (  yet another math site which has a Khanacademy look to it.  It comes with videos and accompanying worksheets to cover all sorts of math topics.  There is, like Khanacademy, some science topics as well.
  • Digital Storytelling Tool (  this site allows users to write and publish interactive stories.
  • Neo K-12 Educational Videos and Games (  here is yet another neat repository of videos and games that covers many areas of a school curriculum.  You need to have a look yourself to get a real appreciation of what it could offer you for the classroom.
  • Color in Motion (  here is a great site to get information regarding ‘color.’  Users get to explore the color theory.
  • Pattern Lessons (  this site provides a collection of interactive activities to challenge students to fill in answers to patterns that are provided.
  • ePub Online converter (  this site allows users to convert PDFs, images, html and Word docs into an ePub format!
  • Science Courseware – Earthquakes (  this site provides students with information about how the seismic waves are used to determine the epicenter of an earthquake.
  • 17 fun Games to Play in Spanish Class (  for the Spanish teachers, have a look!  Hopefully there are activities here that you can implement in your classes.
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