Welcome back to the 2013 – 2014 School Year!!

03 Sep

Welcome back everyone!

I hope that everyone had a great summer break and that you are all rejuvenated for the upcoming school year!

Like every year, we all have plans and one of mine for this year is to be more diligent when it comes to keeping more regular posts.  It just seems that I get so wound up in what is going on that I end up placing less importance on this form of communication.  Thus I’m going to place this blog on one of the top rungs of my ladder of things to do.

Palliser this year is continuing with it’s forward progress into our own Google Apps for Education domain.  More and more teachers are using this great 21st century tool.  As well, we’re seeing more and more purchases of the Google Chromebooks in our schools.  The price is right and these devices have proven to be very reliable in the classroom.  By comparison to a typical laptop, they are small.  But due to the fact that everything is done in the cloud, we don’t need the huge RAM or storage capacity.

As well, Palliser has morphed from Moodle version 1.9 to Moodle version 2.4.  At one point we were looking at replacing Moodle with Google but with our new initiative – Palliser Cyberschool (MySchoolMyWay), we recognized that we had to keep Moodle in order to effectively offer our virtual schooling.  The newer version of Moodle has a lot of great improvements which I’m looking forward to sharing in the near future.

iPads continue to grow in their presence.  We have now created and have been utilizing the Apple Volume Purchasing Program.  Using the Meraki dashboard, we are now wirelessly uploading Apps to schools through our district.

I’ll share a tool that I know many teachers will want to make use of.  Time and again, I’ve been asked by teachers about a timing device which they could display on their SMART boards.  One of the best that I’ve seen lately is the “Online Stopwatch” (  You can set it up to work as a stopwatch or use it in a countdown format.  Either are great as the time is very visible for the entire class to see.

Till next week!!

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