Network Courtesy

22 Sep

Network Courtesy


Over the summer, Palliser IT was busy upgrading our wireless infrastructure by installing Aero Hive Aps in all of our schools.  With the increased bandwidth at the head end and the new Aps, we now have a greater capacity to accommodate BYODs.

Last week in a 24 hour period (and realistically, it was over a 7 hour period considering the actual length of time students and teachers are at school) there was over 240 GB of data downloaded from the net!!  Of this 240+ GB of data, roughly 183 GB was iOS specific – the day that the new iOS 7 came out.  On top of this, 80% of the devices during this time were BYOD in nature!!!   So it would seem that students and staff were clearly taking advantage of the newly upgraded infrastructure!!

As a result of this event, we now know that our upgrade definitely has depth or the robustness to accommodate the onslaught of the increased number of BYODs coming into our schools.  This is true but we need to understand that this type of usage comes with a price – with all of the devices competing for bandwidth, the speed of navigation will be significantly decrease!  During this period, our network was close to being bogged completely down.

With this said, we all have to address the idea of ‘network courtesy!’  In one report ( there was an indication that on one campus, there were as many as 7 web-connected devices PER STUDENT!!  I don’t think that this is very likely in Palliser but I think it’s safe to say that there might be at least two web-connected devices per student. 

So with this in mind, we ALL (teacher too!) need to practice network courtesy.  This is simply a matter of, if you have more than one-connected device, turn off the wireless on those devices you are not using.  By simply doing this, we can help in alleviating the ‘stress’ place on the district wireless network and thus, make accessing the net a more effective and efficient experience!!

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