Google IT Workshop with Tim Lee (Wolf Creek)

28 Sep

I was fortunate to spend a day with Tim Lee at a Google IT workshop hosted by Wolf Creek last September 25th.  Tim has both a strong teaching and IT background which makes him a key resource person when it comes to implementing the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) into a school district.  During the day he was able to share a lot of ideas and, needless to say, I was a bit overwhelmed at times.  I would like to share some ideas and neat tools from this workshop below.

If you ever need to move ALL of your email from one to another, try Yippie (!  Right now, it doesn’t work well moving from one Google account to another Google account, but that will come in time.  So if you wanted to move from an MS Exchange account to a Google account, Yippie would be the tool to move all of the mail data!

A couple of tools that one could use to ‘backup’ their data are Backupify ( and Migrationapp (   This would be useful especially for students who graduate from school.  They could gather up all of their work from their Google account before the GAFE account is deleted.

Email Spam in Google – in essence, Google is a tool/service that ‘learns’ from how you manipulate your data – in this case, your spam in your email account.  The recommendation is that you should be checking your Spam folder periodically and deal with the mail that is collected in it.  Let’s say that a particular email is place in your Spam folder when it first arrives.  If you leave it there, Google will ‘learn’ that this is indeed Spam.  But if you were to move it to your Inbox, Google will ‘learn’ that this isn’t Spam and that it should go to your Inbox.  So you don’t have to whitelist or blacklist email coming in like you do in other email programs.  Google will learn from your actions how to deal with incoming email.

Subtext is an up and coming service which has yet to make it into Canada.  Sounds like another resource that has a lot of potential.  Not sure what the costs are involved but it might be worth the investment.  Basically it’s an e-reader program that provides an interactive environment between the reader and teacher.  I’m going to be watching this as it evolves as it might be a great means of improving literacy – which is a key focus for Palliser.  This year’s motto is “Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader.”

If you are using Chrome as your default browser, and I hope that you are, go to the Chrome Web Store and install ‘Canary.’  You can’t install Canary on the Chrome Books because this tool is already available on them.  It’s designed to run on desktop and laptop computers.  Basically when it’s installed, you have a shortcut that allows you to quickly access all of the chrome apps that you’ve installed and are active.

If you are still stuck on having to use the MS Word as your word processor, there are work arounds.  I’ve shared earlier that through the Chrome Store, you can install ‘Sky Drive’ which will give you Word, Excel and PowerPoint access on your Chromebooks.  Another chrome app is QuickOffice – this app will give you the ability to edit ‘natively’ a word document on your Chromebook.

Other Chrome apps to consider (which you can gather from the Chrome Web Store):

  • Desmos – graphing calculator!
  • Daum Equation Editor – for creating equations
  • Biodigital Human – another human model of the different systems

If you are looking for a paid service (who doesn’t!! J), Synergyse ( provides training for using the different GAFE tools (calendar, Drive and mail).

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