Moodle & Literacy

21 Oct

Palliser continues to work on its virtual school! With Alison H. leading the way, we’re hoping to be able to offer a collection of courses come the second semester.  With the move to version 2.5.2 Moodle, we now have a number of new plugins and blocks that will really enhance the functionality of Moodle.  With the following new additions, students and teachers will be able to get maximum use of the this learning management system:

  • marking manager
  • glossary quiz
  • moodle dictionary
  • collapsed topics
  • text-to-speech
  • navigation arrows
  • checklist block
  • PDF writer

We’re working on creating a template so that all of the courses we’re accessing from the Rockyview Hub (a consortium of school divisions who have willingly shared their Moodle courses for other districts to use!) will have a common appearance and functionality.  By doing this, students should be able to go from one course to another and not have to worry about figuring out the different setups.

Last week, the Palliser Admin got together for three days in Calgary to focus on Literacy.  This is a major focus for Palliser this year and we are very fortunate to have two very passionate and knowledgeable staff to help carry us forward.  Connie A. and Bev S. put together what every Administrator said was ‘by far the best ever PD they had taken part in!!’  Way to go ladies and the seed has been planted and now we look forward to the germination process as Admin gets all teachers on the same page – ‘Every Teacher is a Teacher of Literacy’!  It’s not just the English/Language Arts teachers who promote literacy – it’s EVERY teacher!!


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