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26 Oct

If you are looking for a browser supported ‘text-to-speech’ plug-in, here is a site that lists what you could use for a particular browser –

When it comes to integrating technology into our classroom, we have to ensure that it is used as a tool to help meet the outcomes we’re attempting to cover.  TPACK is a program which was designed with this in mind.  The approach should be:

  1. 1.      Establish the Outcomes
  2. 2.      Develop your Pedagogy to meet the Outcomes
  3. 3.      Only after the first two steps have been achieved, then we look at what there is in the form of Technology to help achieve the Outcomes

Judy Harris (William & Mary School of Education) tends to make her way through Alberta on an annual basis promoting this program – it’s well worth your time to take in this PD experience.  In her workshop, Judy guides the participants through the process of TPACK.  She had a site which was really nice because she had it laid out so that one could look for the technology tool to support the activity to achieve the outcome.  Here is the current site –  Unfortunately, I can’t find the work where she provides the activity and the suggested tool.  Here is an example of what there used to be available:

TPACK sample

I’m going to register on the site to see if this provides the access to this information – here’s crossing my fingers that it does!!

It would appear that others have taken on the this TPACK approach – as I just recently received this information my a fellow teacher in the district.  This approach is referred to as the SAMR Model.  The acronym stands for:

  • Substitution (Substitute and no functional change)
  • Augmentation (Substitute with functional improvement)
  • Modification (Significant task redesign)
  • Redefinition (New tasks previously inconceivable)

As you work your way from S-A-M-R in the model, you are moving from the basic ‘recall’ to the area of ‘creating knowledge’ which is where you want to be in the 21st century classroom.  Check out the new graphic to support this newly evolve process ( :

SAMR Model

For those teachers who are having issues with their SMART notebook where the flash objects (the interactives) are not working properly, there is a fix.  What has occurred is that the newest flash upgrade is NOT compatible with the newest version of SMART notebook!  At temporary fix is to ‘downgrade the flash version’ which I’ve done and it works well.  Here is the link to the fix which involves a three step process (which I should indicate is designed for the PC environment – not sure about the Mac environment) –

Looking for ‘free’ science apps for the iPads?  Here are 7 from  Have a look – they include:

  • Bill Nye The Science Guy  iPad app
  • goREACT
  • Powers of Minus Ten: Bone
  • Virtual Heart
  • 3D Brain
  • Essential Skeleton
  • Solve the Outbreak

I think we may have found the replacement for Audacity!!  It’s called Audio Expert (  The site allows students to record, convert, edit, merge and mange audio clips with no software to install!!  Thanks Pete!

Here are some more links that Pete Mckay from his share recently:

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