February 2014

03 Feb

With the schools becoming more and more a 21st century classroom, there is becoming a greater need to access digital resources.  With the Chromebooks, there is an app ‘Cloud Reader’ which ties into Amazon’s Kindle ebook library.  I’ve explored this as an option and it has promise.  Basically, with the app, you can visit the Amazon resources and purchase ebooks.  I found one book for $0.99 and another for no cost!  For 99 cents, I was able to download/purchase two novels.  Besides the cost (which in this case was very minimal), the other draw back would be that the resource is not able to be shared.  So each student would have to purchase their copies of the book.  If one was lucky enough, they might get lucky and get a book(s) for a small cost and all would be good.

Through the ATLE (Alberta Technology Leaders in Education), there has been some discussion around this topic.  Some districts in Alberta are accessing OverDrive.  I’ve just sent off an inquiry and I’m looking to see what they have to offer.  I guess when it comes right down to it – what is it going to cost the district to access the libraries that they have to offer.  I’m hoping that it’s attractive as Palliser has initiated a ‘literacy’ program and being able to access a library that is cloud based could prove very useful!
(To Be Continued)

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